Backtick 2021 summary

Posted by Michal Stypa on 2022-02-26

2021 has without doubt been an eventful year for Backtick. After a bumpy 2020, we managed to stabilize the company and grow the team as intended before the Covid outbreak.

Here's a short summary of our 2021.

Team expansion

During 2021, our team has grown by 4 new engineers. We're now a total of 10 full-time employees with two new prospects joining soon.


After being hit by Covid harder than anticipated, we've now managed to secure more customers, stabilize the income flow and diversify our projects to hedge ourselves from similar scenarios. The turnover for 2021 came in at just over 10 MSEK with a profit of 3,7 MSEK. Much of the profits from last year are now actively being allocated in R&D investments along with new recruitments and customer acquisition.


office prep

After almost two years at Mindpark Lund, we decided we need a place of our own. In February 2021, we moved in at our current location at Vävaregatan 21 in Lund. The property owner Whilborgs has been very forthcoming in accommodating our needs and we've already decided to move into a larger office later this year. You'll find more information about it here.

Årets Unga Företagare Lund + Skåne

mo bh

Last year, we had the pleasure of receiving the awards for Årets Unga Företagare in Lund and Årets Unga Företagare in Skåne. We attended the national finals in Stockholm City Hall in October. Unfortunately, we didn't make it all the way to the top but we've received a lot of positive attention ever since and made a number of invaluable business acquaintances - many of which already have created new business opportunities for our company. Read more about the awards here (Skåne) and here (Lund).


After a years break, caused by the covid outbreak, we were finally able to go through with the annual hackathon get-away - Codecation. It was a well deserved break from every-day life and turned out even better than we expected. Read more about Codecation 2021 here.

Backtick autumn adventure

fall adventure 2021

Yet another tradition here at Backtick - the fall adventure. This year, we took the team to Genarp for mountain bike racing with RA Äventyr followed by clay pigeon shooting and SPA at Elisefarm. The event is definitely a team favorite and this year, we discovered one of the best open-fire coffee brews served by Rurik at RA Äventyr.

34 under 34

Our CEO Oskar made it to Rapidus annual 34 under 34 list.

Board expansion

Johan Henriksson and Birger Kleve were elected to join the Backtick board sealing their positions as core members of the Backtick management team.



Our own container orchestration tool Cowait is gaining popularity on Github. Apart from being used by Backtick in various projects, it's also used as a critical part of data processing pipelines by our friends over at Debricked.

New customers and partners

We made a lot of new friends in 2021 - both customers and partners. We would like to thank you all for the trust you have put in us. We are looking forward to the coming year and will do our best to ensure our partnerships continue thriving as we achieve our goals - together.

Photos by:
Josefin Widell Hultgren